Dry Ice Cleaning

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Dry Ice Blasting
Dry ice blasting is more cost-effective and efficient than other methods of cleaning. Industrial companies have seen up to 90% reduction in the amount of time it takes to clean, 79% reduction in overall cleaning associated costs and 80% reduction in cleaning waste.

Who Else Wants to reduce Time, cost and Waste?
If you’re responsible for the maintenance of a building or equipment, you owe it to yourself to try Dry Ice Cleaning. Call MES today for a free consultation and find out if Dry Ice Blasting is for you. Chances are, it is.

If you are used to sandblasting, soda blasting, cleaning with solvents, hand scraping, chiseling, or any other method for cleaning, you have got to try Dry Ice Blasting.

Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning include:

  • Less Mess: Dry Ice sublimates to a gas which means no additional mess to clean up
  • Less risk of damage: Non metallic, non abrasive
  • Less down time: May clean a hot machine
  • More area cleaned: Dry Ice can clean contoured and hard to reach surfaces
  • Improve productivity: Get more done in less time
  • More…
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